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July 24 2014


you might be seeing him, but is he seeing you

July 24 2014

Louis at a bar last night in Barcelona for Dan’s bachelor party x x x x x

July 24 2014


do you ever just realise you’re almost an adult and you have no money 

July 24 2014

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An Atlas In My Hands for nononono 


Rating: Teen and up

Wordcount: 17,258

Warnings: None applied

Summary: Travel AU. Louis meets Harry in Amsterdam when he doesn’t know where to go next. They set out for Europe together.

Featuring a ridiculous amount of pretentious sightseeing descriptions, salads in a pan, hipster clubs, jealousy and some Lit references because why not.

July 24 2014

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I need a break from this break…

July 24 2014

15-Year-Old African Kid Tells Madonna To Go ‘Have Sex’ with Herself 


Dakarai Molokomme, a 15-year-old starving child from a small village in Zimbabwe, has just told , one of the most famous pop stars in the world, to  and f*** , the local media are reporting exclusively.

“Yes, it’s true, I told Madonna to go f*** herself. Do you want to know why?” Dakarai asked. “It’s the same thing every time with these snobby rich Americans. Every once in a while they come to show us their support for the so-called eradication of poverty by adopting a child from a starving family, but they actually do more harm than good. Transracial international adoptions are part of the white savior industrial complex,” Dakarai explained.

In further discussions with journalists from the media, the  stated that “none of the children here actually want to be taken away from their family and friends so they can be displayed as some kind of trophy in the homes of self-righteous singers or actors who want to score some points with the media and Oprah.”

“If they really want to help us, they should get Big Pharma to ship us some anti-retroviral drugs for the AIDS epidemic, or build schools and hospitals. If they don’t want to do that, then they can all go f** themselves!” the child told reporters.

The 15-year-old also stated that he would say the same thing to any one of those American or European “faux humanitarian posers”, except for Bono, whom he said he would also kick in the groin.

“Bono’s efforts to save the African savage from itself prove that the colonial imperative is alive and well,” Dakarai said as he walked with other village children collecting sticks to build a tree fort.


July 24 2014

31 Iconic Moments From The Beginning Of One Direction 

July 24 2014

Anonymous: imagine a dragon who hoarded librarians and every so often knights come to rescue them and the librarians get very upset because the dragon is quiet and reshelves everything neatly and the knights are Very Annoying



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